Thursday 6 August 2009

"Skinner" - some pre-edit screenshots etc...

Today I uploaded the footage from Sunday, so this was my first real chance to have a proper look at what we got - and I'm pleased.

Shooting wise I was aiming to be fast and loose and not meddle with too many camera settings, especially as I'd be really finessing the actual look of the film during editing (it'll be 2.35:1 with liberal use of Magic Bullet for colouring) - but I did specifically choose to go to manual exposure for a certain shot (to allow for a 'flood of blinding light' to appear on screen) - indeed I wanted the film to look a little bit like it was through your own eyes, and how your eyes adjust to different levels of light - so I generally let the camera automatically adjust throughout, save for that one specific shot.

Also, I decided to use manual zoom - and indeed I wanted to inflect a little bit of a 'grindhouse feel' onto the zooming in this short. I don't mean like great big crash zooms, rather the creeping manual zooms you would find in various euro-zombi sleaze flicks like Oasis of the Zombies, for example.

I've really been into my grindhouse cinema of late (it's all been 'cannibal this, and killer that' in my DVD player lately, haha) - so yeah, I've brought a touch of that to the visuals with the manual zoom, which is deliberately twitchy (but not MTV twitchy), and uneven in its pace - it really does help add to the creepy nature of the content too.

Also, I was just trying something out in the edit today - I was mainly starting to figure out what look I want to give it in the colouring procress, but while doing that I got a bit distracted and a bit 'grindhousey' and randomly took a small clip and did this with it just for fun (I haven't used a 'stop motion' effect before, so this is my first one of those ... although I don't know whether I'll use that effect in this particular short, but still) - I thought it might be a interest, it's only a few seconds long.

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