Saturday 8 August 2009

Black Falcon Video Productions (2006)...

The Murder of the Reverend Pralph (2006):

Filmed with members of the Sealed Knot, this short (which I acted as cameraman on) was shown on BBC Local TV and the Community Channel. It was a re-enactment of a local historical event when a group of soldiers murdered a preacher when the two parties met and got into a disagreement.

The Blast (2006):

This was a promotional video that I helped to shoot for a local rock band at one of their gigs (in a local pub in a cramped stage area being buffeted by hyper teenagers). It was a lot of fun to shoot, and the final product was pretty good too.

Kathy North (2006):

I helped to shoot this promotional video (I was operating two of the three cameras) for a local cabaret singer, at one of her performances at a local hotel.

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