Friday 14 August 2009

BBC Local TV (2005-2006)...

This was the first time I worked with the Rural Media Company (based in Herefordshire), and it was for the BBC Local TV Pilot project. I was one of a number of filmmakers brought on to make 90 second short films which would be played as part of each day’s rolling 10 minute (every hour) segment for our county (the project was operating in six counties in the Midlands).

I put together a number of videos for the project – “Coming Home” was a poetic short that I wrote, shot and edited about what it’s like to return home from university to a small town. “The Green Life” was about one local woman’s commitment to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle (with a large and sophisticated solar panel in her garden), while “Caring Kids” was about a local group set up to provide young carers (who care for unwell siblings and/or parents) with the opportunity to let off steam and act like everyday kids.

Inside Hereford Butter Market” (which was (as well as myself) featured in an internal BBC video report) documented the life and goings on within the city’s indoor market. “Making Japanese Edo Kites” on the other hand showed one primary school class making their own kites.

Watch "Inside Hereford Butter Market" here:

Watch "Coming Home" here:

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