Tuesday 18 August 2009

Contempt of Conscience (2008)...

This locally produced documentary about conscientious objectors The Peace Tax Seven had been a few years in the making by the time I joined the project as cameraman and additional editor.

Thanks to my new equipment it was at this point that I was able to move forward again and set myself up officially as a Freelance Filmmaker (prior to this point I had been gaining expenses-only work experience in between my own little side projects).

Contempt of Conscience” premiered in its finished form at the Milano Film Festival in Italy, 2008. It was also shown at the Reality Uncut film festival in New Delhi, and the Beyond TV film festival in Swansea.

You can view the full film online (in 3 parts) at Ethics Online's YouTube Channel - or via Top Documentary Films.

See the IMDb page for this film here:

Below is a clip from the film - an original cut of the 'bailiff sequence', which I was able to direct, shoot, and edit.

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