Saturday 8 August 2009

Contempt of Conscience 2008 showings...

No, not a typo, I am indeed talking about 2008.

I'd already mentioned a few times here on the blog that Contempt of Conscience was shown at the 2008 Milano Film Festival in Italy, but it was also shown at another couple of festivals in 2008 - for which I now have the information on (it was just one of those things, I never got around to getting the information until today when it happened to come up in the conversation).

Anyway, the two other showings in 2008 were as follows:

Reality, Uncut - New Delhi, 15th September 2008
"Contempt Of Conscience, 4 pm - An attempt at decoding UK's Peace tax problem"

Beyond TV Film Festival - Swansea 22nd November 2008
"Contempt of Conscience by Clarity Productions (Scotland)
Filmed over 5 years as British conscientous objectors refuse to pay tax supporting the War on ‘Terror’. (50min)"

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