Saturday 8 August 2009

I Am Zombie Man (2006) & I Am Zombie Man 2 (2007)...

Inspired by the original idea for 2005’s “Trapped”, and following on from “VHS” a few weeks prior, I set about putting together this cheap & cheerful zombie comedy short. The film is about a zombie who now lives alone in the woods, and him telling us about his undead existence – how he dealt with becoming a zombie, and how he likes to pass the time.

It was a very quickly put together little short with its charm rooted in idea, rather than the presentation. The original “I Am Zombie Man” is an extra feature on the Tempe DVD release of American indie zombie movie “Deadlands: The Rising”, and appeared (alongside the sequel) as supporting material during the local theatrical run of “Deadlands: The Rising”.

Six months later, spurred on by the online success among fellow ‘zed heads’, I put together the sequel – “I Am Zombie Man 2”. By now I had bought my Panasonic DVX100B professional camera and equipment, and set about putting together a far better looking Zombie Man flick than the first. It was at this point that I was finally able to move on in my own filmmaking thanks to the new equipment (and a certain editing software plug-in called Magic Bullet), having gone as far as I could with my previous camera and equipment.

Watch "I Am Zombie Man" here:

Watch "I Am Zombie Man 2" (split into 3 parts) here:

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