Monday 31 August 2009 Podcasts 2 & 3 in review...

Having talked about the first one, I figured I'd blog a bit about the second two, so here goes:

Podcast #2:

Gary is at the Fright Night Film Festival, and after a run-down of some Deadlands 2 related festival updates, we get some interviews with Gary's friend, operator of Hagerstown 10 Cinema, and festival new-comer - then an interview with Chuck Skibo ("Dead Air"), and then a round-table chat with Amy Steel ("Friday the 13th Part 2") and Megan Franich ("30 Days of Night").

The audio quality is variable as they're at a busy convention, and perhaps Gary could have pushed the microphone a little further away from him as his passionate and booming voice is at odds with the quieter (further away) voices of the interviewees.

Also, with Gary's passion and fervor, he can sometimes hi-jack the conversation at times as he goes off in different tangents (and even rants, entertaining as they may be), whereas being an interview you go in expecting more succinct questions from his side and collectively more talk-back from the interviewees.

All-in-all, a good listen, it has a good structure throughout to keep the flow going over the generous-but-not-over-long running time, and it illustrates the promise of things to come.

Podcast #3:

Well, he said it himself, this one gets raunchy, and features Gary, Brian (who was also in the first podcast) and Brian's wife Michelle (who was in both Deadlands movies).

After a relatively calm opening (compared to later in the show when the atmosphere gets raucus) in which my short "Skinner" gets some chit-chat about it, we move swiftly into the aforementioned zone of raunchy chit-chat.

I felt somewhat sorry for Michelle as she tried to get a word in edge-ways between Gary and Brian's laughter-ridden rants and tangents, but fair play to her, she fought her corner and provided entertaining listening.

Did I mention it got raunchy? Perhaps I should point that out again - and indeed, Gary's open honesty (sometimes brutal honesty) never fails to raise your eyebrows ... perhaps he's a bit too honest sometimes, though.

While not as structured as the first two, and perhaps a bit over-long at two hours, it's a fun listen.

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