Tuesday 1 September 2009

Blog updates - finally complete...and stuff...

Well, I've finally finished putting up summary pages (replete with images and in some cases video) for all my credits, which are listed on the right hand side of this 'ere blog.

Also, I've updated my Flickr Photostream with new pics from "Skinner" and "Gaia & Genesis" ... and I think that about does it for blog updating, which all came about as a result of me finding out that GeoCities was getting shut down (it'll be gone come the end of October apparently).

Actually, there is one more thing to do - an "About Me" summary - and seeing as I'm updating stuff, I'll update that too ... you see, a guy's work is never done.


Also - I've started a new script, called "Like" - which is going to be a flat-out comedy. The last flat-out comedy I did was "Smack Addict" (filmed in December 2005), and apart from that, there's been the "I Am Zombie Man" films, which have been zombie comedies - but yeah, "Like" will be my first full-on comedy in a long while.

Finally, there might be something pretty cool happening at the weekend, but I'll blog about that later as-and-when-and-if, you know?

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