Tuesday 1 September 2009

Gaia and Genesis (2009)...

Following on from 2008's Sex & Ethics, this educational DVD focussed on the environment from religious, philosophical and scientific viewpoints - covering five topics over five films (Gaia, Genesis, Stewards & Slayers, The Rapture, All Things Are Connected), with a follow-up group discussion with A-Level students for each of the main films.

Gaia & Genesis (2009) 001

Gaia & Genesis (2009) 002

This was a great opportunity to expand and improve on what we achieved with Sex & Ethics, and I am very proud of the final product, which we also cut together in a feature-length format for festival purposes.

Gaia & Genesis (2009) 003

Gaia & Genesis (2009) 004

I acted as editor and lead cameraman on this project.

Gaia & Genesis (2009) 005

Gaia & Genesis (2009) 006

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