Thursday 17 September 2009

Sex & Ethics, and Gaia & Genesis reviews...

A couple of reviews for these educational DVDs - as found at

Sex & Ethics:

"The DVD is extremely well presented and addresses sexual ethics in a clear and concise manner. The links between sexual ethics and Natural Law, Utilitarianism, Kant and Situation Ethics are particularly good as they encourage pupils to make links between the ethical theories which is absolutely crucial at A-level. The DVD is not only visually stimulating but, more importantly, current for those who are watching, and is a must-have resource for any RE Department, especially for those departments providing A-level Philosophy and Ethics courses."

Emma Brambell, Teacher of Religious Education

Gaia & Genesis:

"This is an outstandingly engaging and timely resource that will grab the attention of students and persuade them of the significance of environmental ethics like never before. The narration and content presentation includes concise quotes from key thinkers that add depth and academic rigour to a stimulating and intelligent exploration of the main issues in environmental ethics. It would stretch the brightest at GCSE, engage the vast majority, and, inspire AS students to personal curiosity. It is visually impressive, content rich and well produced - overall a great resource."

David Potter, Teacher of Religious Studies, Ashby School


And here's some more short & sweet comments on the Sex & Ethics DVD:

Lovingly crafted by Joe Jenkins, a master at producing workaday resources for hard-pressed teachers at both GCSE and A Level."
RE Online

Highly recommended.”
Judy Grill, Churcher's College, Petersfield

Well worth the price of a few text books."
Andrew Pearce, Principal Religious Studies Examiner

Accessible and stimulating.
Christine Chalstrey, Wychwood School, Oxford

Absolutely fantastic.
Hannah Williams, St. Helen's School, Middlesex

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