Tuesday 29 September 2009

Orange County...

Years late to the party, I finally saw this flick at a recent DVD night I had with the lads - cider, tortilla chips, and a double-bill of movies (this and Pineapple Express, in this case). I knew of Orange County, mainly in-so-far as the music video for the Foo Fighter track "The One", which accompanied the movie ... otherwise, didn't know much about it.

At a slim 78 minutes it certainly doesn't out-stay its welcome by any stretch of the imagination, and while it's a pretty standardly plotted flick, it's good fun due to the key performances - Colin Hanks' put-upon university applicant, and Jack Black's drugged-out loser brother are the two main ones for me.

That said, the parents - both equally damaged (John Lithgow and Catherine O'Hara) - certainly steal their fair share of limelight when they're on screen, plus it's always worth watching Lithgow ... speaking of whom, I just saw him in the new Dexter playing a serial killer ... damn, seeing Lithgow bare-ass naked in a bathtub cutting his female victim's phemoral artery really dispells all images of him as the alien buffoon in 3rd Rock From The Sun, that's for sure.

It didn't ball me over, but it was ideal lads night in fodder ... but better than your average fodder, most certainly.

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