Sunday 26 July 2009

DeadShed blog updates etc...

As you can see I have started putting up the 'articles' (or blogposts) for the various credits down the right hand side of the blog in the credit lists.

Expect to see more of the same sort of stuff over the coming days as I fill out all those credits with a post (and therefore a link for said lists).


The educational DVD for the environment is coming along nicely - the bulk of the editing is done, it's just a case of now putting music against each film (e.g. the absolutely excellent stuff by royalty free music providing Kevin MacLeod -, whacking the credits together (and onto each of the five films), and then finally putting together the five short companion pieces for each film, which like last year's Sex & Ethics, will be student group discussion.

This year's group discussion was very kindly filmed by Silva Productions (with whom I have worked with on a few projects since 2007), as I was at the time early in my recovery from that thar hernia operation I had (feeling comparatively a lot better now though).

So there's not long to go on this project now, it's definitely all come together smoother, easier and with an even better product at the end of it than last year, so it's all good.


I've just gotten my mits on Fallout 3. I've ran out of videogames to play in my alotted gaming time (there's an onslaught of titles all coming out within two weeks of one another come Halloween-ish time), and while I've only just stepped outside of Vault 101, I'm enjoying it.

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