Thursday 16 July 2009

Updates to the blog...

You may have noticed there's been a few changes - these of course, have been spurred on by the news that GeoCities is closing (thus stuffing me out of a website - which was ideal for me, someone who is an absolute dimwit when it comes to building, hosting and maintaining websites - I like things simple, which is why GeoCities was ideal for me - but alas, it's shutting down).

So aye - that means I need to take a new approach, and my main idea right now, is to feed it all through my blog - so all that stuff on the right hand side is a-changin' ... some YouTube videos have been added, a list of my main career targets, a better organised list of links, a search blog feature, and a list of credit highlights.

I'm also going to get myself a Flickr account and upload all the images that are/were (depending on if you're reading this after October 26th 2009) on my GeoCities-based DeadShed website - with one of those I can then insert a slideshow into my blog, showing a whole bunch of screen shots of my past work - cool eh?

I'm also most likely going to make a series of blog posts, which are in fact the text portions from my website (and indeed I might insert images into said posts) - so they'd essentially become "articles" - I'd then link to those specific blogposts via the Credit Highlights list, and also an "Other Credits" list, on the right side of my blog.

At the very least it's something I can do for the time being, and really juice up this blog as something more than what it has been before - a more creative way around the whole website problem ... speaking of which, I'd probably put together a FaceBook 'company group' page sort of thingymajig ... so yeah, plenty of 'intarwebz stuffe' to get on with then - more updates as-and-when, naturally.

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