Sunday 26 July 2009

The odds & ends...

“Run Rabbit Run” (2003) was another experimental music video I put together – this time using the stop-motion button on my Hi8 video camera at the time. It showed a variety of every day things happening in stop-start style.

“Flesh Into Gear” (2003) was, indeed, an experimental music video – this time simply to get to grips with the basics of non-linear editing on my (at the time) brand new computer that I’d bought for digital editing.

“Cinema X” (2004) was another experimental short with a grainy CCTV/VHS aesthetic that involved me cutting together a variety of violent movie scenes to music. The aesthetic used in this short would return in several other shorts that followed.

“Some Random F***ing Ass” (2004) was a crude little Jackass/CKY-style skit that I had planned to shoot with my uni mates, but it never happened, so I instead drew some rough storyboards on the computer and edited those together. A very daft, very studenty idea that was quickly cast aside.

“Fight Club Remix” (2004) was another editing experiment, this time using footage and music from the David Fincher film, and an intense high contrast black & white look, which I have revisited a few times since (e.g. “Memories of Falling Ash”).

“Vice City: A Day in the Life of Tommy Vercetti” (2004) was a little fan video I put together for the videogame GTA: Vice City (my favourite of the GTA franchise).

“GTA: San Andreas Mayhem Promo” (2005) was a fan trailer I made for Rockstar’s big name videogame.

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