Thursday 23 July 2009

DeadShed Productions on Flickr...

Well, I've been beavering away putting a bunch of screenshots from various DeadShed (and related) projects over the years up onto Flickr, and there they are.

Although I'm having trouble getting them to show up on the "slideshow gadget" for the blog (see, for the moment, down at the very bottom of the blog - it just has the title, but no images ... not sure why ... will have to see about that).

Anyway, for the meantime - there's the link, which is also now in the "Make With The Clicky!" section on the right hand side of the blog.

*update one*

I also seem to be having trouble posting links to the images so they appear inside blog posts, as well as the above links - surely people can view a Flickr album without having to be a member? I've seen Flickr albums prior to becoming a member.

Is it to do with setting my account to "moderate" rather than "safe"? Only some of the images might be considered a bit "ooh-err" by the most incredibly squeamish people on the planet, and there's no porn (obviously) ... perhaps I should set it to "safe" and then set "moderate" specifically to only certain images?

*sigh* I hate learning how new accounts work...

*update two*

Well I've gotten my images to show up in the little Flickr slideshow window on the right - however it's not rolling through the entire set (of 132 photos), it's only going through the first page (of 8 in total) on my "Photostream" ... why, I don't know ... ugh, yet more nuisance.

Indeed though, the images not showing up at all was due to a content filter setting issue, but I think I've got that sorted now (there's only 8 images that I now have flagged as "moderate" just to be on the safe side - mainly images from the bloodier/more menacing moments from "my NIGHTMARE" - which was the intention anyway, the rest are perfectly fine being classed as "safe" - and therefore, viewable by non-Flickr folk too).

*update three*

Hazah! I've got the Flickr album embedded and working correctly - turns out Blogger's own widget can only RSS (or whatever) about 20 images at most - so instead (thanks to the rather helpful help area on Flickr) I found out I could just take the embed code directly from my own photostream's slideshow, and paste it in under a "HTML/Java gadget" thingy here on Blogger.

Blimey, confusing stuff sometimes ... but it's finally there and working nicely ... all I need to do now is see if I can specifically order the images so the strongest shots are at the start of the slideshow, and so that that also ends up in the embedded slideshow here on my blog.

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