Saturday 25 July 2009

More credits...

As you can see I've added another list of credits - "other credits" - below "credit highlights".

The intention is to post a series of blogs that will cover each and every one of those (or, in the case of "early work 1999-2005", that list in one post) and then link to it - so if you see a sudden flurry of posts all about projects I've worked on, never fear - that's what's going on.

It's, as I've said before, all a part of me reacting to the news that GeoCities is being shut down - so in essence, this blog will become my main port of call as a website - with images hosted on Flickr, videos hosted (as it is already) on YouTube, and info about me and my projects listed down the right hand side of this very blog.

The idea would then be to re-direct my re-directing URL ( to this 'ere blog, don't you know...

It's surprising how time consuming this all is too, especially when you're learning a new system of doing things (e.g. Flickr) - understanding how the settings work and so on (as you'll see from the post below regarding the fiddling I had to do to get that Flickr slideshow to appear on the right - set up an account, choose a bunch of pictures, upload the pictures, comment on every single one of them, get the safety filter setting issue sorted out, then working towards getting that slideshow embedded in the blog itself - it's taken ages! ... and just for the Flickr part).

Obviously, more updates to the blog to come soon.

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