Friday 10 July 2009

GeoCities closing ... typical...

More bloody hassle therefore - that's where the DeadShed Productions website is.

I'm useless at websites and codes and all that sort of thing, so GeoCities was ideal for me - a really simple way of putting together pages online, saving it all and there you go. Then I got a re-directing URL ( and there we were (and still are until October 26th).

Now what to do - do I get rid of the site all together and just go through the Blog and get a Flickr account or something, and go all 'new age' and 'alternative' ... or do I find free webhosting and free website creation/transfer & editing elsewhere ... but where to do the latter is the real question.

I've seen a couple just now, but they both look completely shit.

Why does having a website have to always turn into such a pain in the ass? I just want my website as it is - a simple place, to put up simple text and images and links and ways to get in contact with me, and point people towards it with "" - a site that is simple to edit and save - that's all I want.

But oh no, GeoCities has to go and close itself on October 26th 2009 ... so the big question is, what the fuck do I do now? This is quite frustrating and annoying, and it's especially unwelcome news as I'm still stuffed up after my recent operation.

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Danny Smith said...

Yeah i got an email about this, my first thought was "well who uses geocities anymore?", obviously theres still some people having read this but ive been working the past few weeks on my own self pimping site, ive got the address and hosting from go daddy, but im using dreamweaver to edit my html on the fly, kind of like geocities, but theres way more room for customizability, id recommending checking if theres a free 30 days version or something, because my "" has come way further in that in a short time than i would have gotten with pure html in notepad like i did for geocities.