Monday 27 July 2009

New short on the way?

Possibly - just had word from Sean (Signing Off) today that he was in town and was wondering if I had anything to film - annoyingly, I didn't - but because I've been rather keen to film 'something DeadShed' for a while, I got my thinking cap on and a few hours later I had not only an idea, but the script written - the title is "Skinner".

Hopefully we'll get to shoot it very soon (i.e. within the next two weeks, according to the available timetable), and then I'd set about editing it.

It's cool actually, pressuring myself (in a way) into coming up with an idea, and then actually getting really genuinely excited about it, and envisioning it so quickly - indeed I decided to write the script in terms of a shot list, rather than a normal script.

Anyway - more news on this possible new DeadShed Productions short as-and-when.

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